(?) Tikam Tikam Surprise!            
Project: Publication

'Our Neighbourhoods' is a series of publication on three different neighbourhood mama shops in Singapore. In today's context, the local mama shops in Singapore are diminishing while the number of convenience stores are rising.

What is the objective?
It is to have the readers to reminisce about the happy memories at the Mama Shop or to educate people a part of Singapore’s diminishing culture. 
What is ‘mama shop’?
In the past, mama shops used to sell a mystery black bag called 'tikam tikam surprise' where there is a huge question mark on the bag. Children in the past likes to purchase the mystery black bag as it contains different surprises such as toys, stickers or snacks in the bag. What you get is always a mystery!

The Art Direction
Three different typeface of question mark are used for the cover page to allow viewers to 'tikam tikam(guess)' what is the typeface used; with an explanation about the typeface provided in the back pages. Therefore, the design portrays a mysterious look; just like the black bag from the origin of ‘tikam tikam surprise’, the contents in it will be a surprise! Readers are to pick any book from the black bag of their own preference.

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