This is Love            
Medium: Digital art
Art Account: Heartknots_

I had a theme in mind called “This is Love”, inspired by my interaction with all my friend’s dogs and thus illustrating my own definition of love or what sparks joy in me in the ordinary day-to-day. Starting from how dog’s love are so unconditional. 

I’ve also started a hashtag to invite any keen community to join in this theme where they create/illustrate what’s their own definition of ‘love’ in their day-to-day.

Commissioned Art 2021/2022            
Medium: Digital print
Art Account: Heartknots_

I was commissioned to illustrate portraits as a gift that held meanings and stories for every individuals.

1. Commissioned by J as a birthday gift for her friend

2. Commissioned by S as a gift for her friends

3. Commissioned by J as a baptism gift for her colleague

4. Commissioned by T as a birthday gift for his wife who deeply loves their pets

5. Commissioned by S, with her boyfriend

6. Commissioned by J for her friend in celebration of her friend’s new born baby

Portraits Commission Art 2020            
Medium: Digital
Art Account: Heartknots_

The portrait commissiond pieces here are a start to my art commission journey and a process of building a brand for Heartknots. I take every piece as a point for me to hone my crafts.

1. Commissioned for M and her group of close friends.

2. Commissioned for M for her wedding on November 2021.

MakersMarket Artbooth 2021            
Project: Event
Art Account: Heartknots_
In July 2021, I set up a booth with my friend. The entire preparation took 1 month before the booth set-up.
There was a lot to learn on-the-go; from designing, marketing and admin work to do. Check out the online store here.

© 2021 Chan Yi Jun